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  • Xcellent Global Submersible Aquarium Heater Adjustable 300W Quartz Glass Fish Tank Heater PT027S

    Large Temperature Range: The temperature of the heater can be adjusted between 16-34 Celsius. It is suitable for many kinds of aquariums, fishes and amphibious turtles. It is easy to adjust the temperature by the regulator on the top of the heater.
    Premium Material: The heater is made of high-purity quartz glass which is explosion-proof. It won’t get rusty to offer your favorite fishes a safe and comfortable environment. The eco-friendly plastic protective sleeve can prevent heater from impact of fishes.
    Intelligent Temperature Management: It can ensure the temperature constant at the set point as it can adjust heating power automatically if there is any water temperature variation. So that it can avoid temperature mutation and protect fishes.